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Know about gopi

Gopi's shows are highly professional and tailored to all age-groups and social miliens. Wholesome entertainment is the keyword of his acts, no more double entendres or tasteless jokes. He hails from Tamilnadu but language is no barrier to appreciation and enjoyment of his programmes, the content is not dependent on the language. The imitation of famous personalities is only one element of his shows, it also includes comedy dialogues, background scores, recreated action and horror film sequences, animal documentaries and imaginative sequences such as the courtship between a crow and a hen & much more, all from gopi.. Master of Mimicry in India – Badava Gopi


Beginning – 1996

Having made a modest beginning in 1996 when mimicry was a relatively unknown concept, both the Concept & gopi have grown to amazing proportions. Mimicry is now an acknowledged art form and very much in demand for live and recorded entertainment. “Badava Gopi”, today a household name and leading and much in demand artiste.

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Maldives Presence


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